COVID-19 Schedule Changes


Effective immediately, we are rescheduling all well visit and medication rechecks.


We are going to see well kids in the morning and sick kids in the afternoon.


Everyone will need an appointment. Everyone will need to call first for sick visits. I will still be seeing kids who are sick. We will try to get most of your concerns over the phone though. I will be refilling medications right now and rescheduling medication rechecks.


Please, do not use urgent care or the emergency room without calling first. We need urgent care and the emergency room to be available for people who need it. Many of the visits for urgent care and some of the visits for the emergency room can be taken care of over the phone or in my office. Call first!


Questions can come to me (414-423-5250) or the AdvocateAurora COVID-19 hotline: 1-866-443-2584. If you haven't set up your account though MyChart at, it's really a good time to open one of those so you can send messages to me directly.


Love to all of you as you navigate these interesting waters ❤️