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Dr.  Jennifer Thomas, MD, MPH, IBCLC, FABM, FAAP

4202 W. Oakwood Park Ct., Suite 200  (42nd & Ryan Road)
Franklin, WI 53132

Phone: (414) 423-5250
Fax: (414) 423-5256

Facebook: Dr.Jen 4 Kids and Dr. Jen 4 Kids: Breastfeeding Medicine

Twitter: @drjen4kids and @lmcbreastfeed

Email: I have been providing email access for free for over 15 years now.  I prefer now to connect with my patients and families over social media, including Facebook and Twitter.  Through those venues, I can answer general health questions and we can keep the specifics of your child's health to private phone conversations or office visits.

I have a public email but if you are a patient, I would prefer that you sign up for myaurora.  That communication is encrypted and a part of the medical record and is seen by other people than me and therefore is all around better medicine. You are still able to email me at as long as you agree to abide by the rules outlined below.  If these rules are not followed, your email will not be answered.  Email sent through the site is not encrypted. 

        Please try calling the office first.  The nature of email really is often not conducive to the dialogue we need to have in order to answer your questions appropriately.

        No urgent questions.  I will not be held responsible for emails sent in emergency situations.  Common sense hopefully says that email is not appropriate for emergencies.  Call the office.  Someone answers the phone 24 hours a day.  In case of life-threatening emergencies, call 911

        If you have "sick kid" questions, it's hard for me to do those justice over email. Please search the site and if you don't find the answer, call the office. The majority of sick kids emails result in a visit, so it's just more efficient if you call.

        For legal reasons (mostly because I assume a HUGE risk if I answer questions on kids I've never met) you or your child needs to be a registered member in my practice at Aurora Health Care- Franklin, a blood relative or a good friend.  The content on this site is intended for my patients, but anyone may enjoy it.  If you send a message anyway, please realize it will not likely get answered.

        If you don't get an answer in a day or two, send it again.  Sometimes I do answer and I'm blocked by SPAM filters- please make sure, if you want my answer, to add me to a safe senders list.  And please realize I'm human and some days I just can't get to email.

        Most rashes will need to be seen at some point and it's really hard to describe them over email, so just call the office. No rashes over email!  Sending pictures of the rash is a neat idea, but will not substitute for a visit.  Please do not send pictures.

        Please let me know how old your child is or include their birthday. I need this not only to answer your question, but to authenticate the email.

        Please do not request that I call in prescriptions without seeing your child or suggest that email can substitute for a visit. That is simply not good medical practice and I will not honor those requests.

        Please be nice. I'm not kidding about this. If you choose to yell at me over email, I reserve the right not to answer. 


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle__Plato

The information on this site IS MY OPINION, WELL- INFORMED AND WELL-RESEARCHED-- BUT MY OPINION NONETHELESS. Please remember this site is no substitute for medical evaluation!