Postpartum Depression

Pediatricians are more likely to see women with post-partum depression before any other healthcare provider.  We are supposed to see you back several times with your new baby before you are ever seen by your obstetrician and way before you would need to see a psychiatrist (in my allopathic world).  So, I'll do my thing, and save the more detailed stuff for the experts.  I especially want you to know what resources are available (and I invite you to share those in your community) and what medications are compatible with breastfeeding.

It turns out that the baby usually isn't the cause of the depression, but certainly can be adversely affected if we don't help you out.   If anything here sounds like you and you want some help, you should, can, must contact your health care professional, your OB or your primary care physician and get help.

Baby Blues

Most of us have been here.  Baby Blues happen a couple of days after delivery in most women.  We go through mood swings, get irritable, cry because of beauty of motherhood and then snap because of little irritations.  After my middle son was born, I cried because the T-Rex came to save the kids when the Raptors were sure to kill them at the end of Jurassic Park.  With my youngest, it was the Lance Armstrong commercials for Nike that did me in.  This is normal.  It gets better, usually within a week.

Post Partum Depression

Nobody really knows what causes this.   The fact is though, if you are going through these symptoms, you certainly aren't the first (my goodness, they have a NAME for this... you can't be the first!) and there are plenty of people who want to help. Most women who experience postpartum depression probably have been depressed before. It happens anywhere from around 2 weeks to a year after delivery.  Warning signs:

Answer this:  Do you feel worried, anxious, miserable or guilty without any real reason?  Have you been unable to laugh or look forward to things you normally enjoy?  If the answer is yes to either, you need these resources.

Plus, you can answer and score your responses to the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.  We will be asking you these questions in the office too. 

What you can do




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