Little kids and stuffy noses

Children under the age of about 9 months don't do very well with nasal congestion and colds because they have to breathe with their nose.

When we have nasal congestion, we open our mouths and get air in. Little kids open their mouth and most of the air hits their tongue (which, in this age group, is too big for the size of their mouth). Then, when they lay on their back, their already too big tongue falls into the back of their throat completely, eliminating the ability to mouth breathe. So if their nose is clogged, and their tongue is in the way, the only way to breath is to cry, moving the tongue out the way and making parents crazy. (That's why the kids are sleeping just great on your shoulder, and as soon as you lay them down to go to sleep, they wake up and wake up crying...they can't breathe.)

In much the same way, when we give them a breast or a bottle in the mouth, they have to choose between eating and breathing. Breathing will win. Trust me. So kids in this age group, when they are sick, will not eat well, will be crabby because they are hungry and can't breathe, and won't sleep well. (It follows that kids who are happy, smiling, sleeping and eating well are doing just fine.)

So what do we do? Suck out their noses with a bulb syringe, stay away from over the counter medications (remember the psycho baby!!!), wash out the nose with saline drops, keep the baby propped (in a car seat or elevate the mattress) and watch their mood.

Kids who are cute and eating, no matter what color the snot, or how much of it is pouring out of their noses, do not need to see me.  Unless you want me to see them.  You know you are always welcome to stop by !

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