Early Identification of Autism and other developmental disorders

Autism is a disorder of communication and social development that probably starts in pregnancy or in the newborn period.

Children less than a year of age rarely have signs of  autism.  They may have some delay in motor skills and have a reduced range of emotional responses.  Around one year of age almost all children have delay in their language skills.

Around the first birthday, children with autism may not respond to their name.  They may not respond as other children do to signs of emotion-- most child will give big smiles when big smiles are given to them.  Children with autism tend not to respond to that emotion.  They do not make eye contact very well.  They don't engage in social interaction with other children.  They don't point to get what they want.

At 14 months or so, we may see a regression in communication skills. The children may start doing repetitive play, doing the same thing over and over again.  It's at this point we'd really like to intervene.

We will ask at every visit what things your child is doing and give you questionnaires to fill out and do with your children to asses their development.  Please make sure you share any developmental concerns you have with me so that I can help start investigating and treating the issue.  The links below are sources filled with information on normal and abnormal development.

I hope you find these resources helpful:

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