When to worry about the kids being sick....this is an answer from my message board, but since it seems to be on everybody's mind...


How 'bout general guidelines about when to see your doc:

1. If you are worried. That's what you pay us for. We work for you and if you're worried, then your child should be seen.

2. If the child has the same symptoms that aren't improving at all over a 10-14 day time frame. Viral infections are usually turning the corner after 10-14 days, so anything that isn't improving should be evaluated to see if we could help with antibiotics.

3. If there's a mood change. Cute, happy, silly and coughing, no biggie. Not cute, always crying-- they should be seen. Kids in this age group sure sound bad, but they will act as sick as they feel. Until they learn to clear their throat or cough things out, they will sound worse than they feel. Behavior is a good indication of illness.

4. Signs of respiratory distress or dehydration. I have them on other parts of this site, but, they are usually accompanied by a behavior change, so see #3 :)

Snot color means nothing, and the sound of the cough doesn't help much. The appetite will decrease because they are eating so much, well, snot. And what doesn't come up as snot vomit will come out as snot poop.

No cold meds!!! You may absolutely use an albuterol inhaler if you have had one prescribed for your child. I have no opinion on the vapor rub stuff. Humidity is nice, hot or cold. Booger sucking with a bulb syringe is very helpful as is upright positioning.

If all else fails, maybe a move to Arizona or Hawaii....sigh.