Lead Stuff


What you should know

*The highest lead poisoning risk for children is exposure to lead paint dust and chips from lead paint in old houses, and soil contaminated with lead.

*Lead poisoning can have long term effects on learning and behavior.

*Removing old lead paint can be dangerous-- Learn how to renovate safely.

*Most children who have lead poisoning show no symptoms. The only way to know is to do a blood test.

*The best treatment for lead poisoning is to get rid of the source of the lead or prevent lead hazards.

*Good nutrition, meaning foods high in calcium, iron and vitamin C and low in fat, can prevent lead from causing harm in the body.

*Washing children's hands frequently, before eating and napping and after play, can decrease the chances of getting lead dust getting into their bodies.

*Use a wet rag, paper towel or wet mop to wash dust and loose paint chips from window wells, woodwork, and floors. Use a household detergent and rinse with clean water.