Can I use gas drops?

Sure, but let's make sure that it isn't an easy problem to fix.  I don't recommend any particular brand. And remember, gas is normal.  It's a sign that the gut is working properly.  We all pass gas (put your hand on the bottom of your spouse all day and see what happens!)  And how it smells tells me nothing.  Gas is not usually fragrant at any age, so if your child passes "adult smelling" gas, well, there you go.

If you are nursing, the most common problem causing an irritable, gassy, hungry baby is an imbalance of foremilk and hindmilk.  And fixing it shouldn't be too hard.  And don't go giving up chocolate or spicy foods or something without clicking here.  Most breastfed babies don't burp well, since they can control of flow of milk well.  If you have a gassy, burping breastfed baby, maybe you have too much milk.  Help for that here.

If the baby is feeding from a bottle, we may just have to fix the size and flow of the nipple. When the baby is on the bottle, make sure that they are neither gulping or sucking too hard (like collapsing the nipple) because both of those things cause excess air, and then spitting up and gas. You can burp more often, but in my experience, that means taking a baby who is hungry away from food, which makes them cry, which introduces more air into her system which leads to...drumroll...more spitting up and more gas.

If the gas is accompanied by lots of loose, watery, frequent stools, then a formula change may be in order.  But talk to me first.