Nobody's done the studies for kids under 6 months, so I can't, with official-ness, say that sunscreen in this age group is safe. Of course, there isn't much to say that it causes harm and it makes much more sense to use sunscreen than to potentially have your kids get sunburn. So unofficially and with a huge dose of common sense, I think that you can and should use it for the littlest members of your family.  Plus, cover the kids up, keep them under hats and umbrellas, or keep them someplace cool. Try not to be outside in the sun between 11:00am to 2:00 pm - that's when the ultraviolet light, the bad stuff, is at its peak.

However, the sun is important and total avoidance of it can result in low levels of vitamin D, an important part of your immune system.  We don't want the kids to burn, but they do need some sun.  Fifteen minutes without sunscreen before applying or a vitamin D supplement might be something to consider.  (Another article to consider.)   

PLEASE NOTE: The combination sunscreen/insect repellant products should be avoided. Sunscreen is meant to be applied frequently and insect repellant shouldn't be. And DEET degrades sunscreen.







updated June 21, 2008