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Reader all time favorite: Normal newborn behavior and why breastmilk isn't food ©  

Random numbers Flying Through the Air: The Three Bs of blood sugar, bilirubin and birth weight

LactMed:  database from the National Library of Medicine and Toxnet for medication information while breastfeeding.

Motherwear Breastfeeding blog: Dr Jen on the role of Pediatricians and breastfeeding

Good bacteria, the role of breastmilk in immune system development and that "one" bottle 

Celebrating the Journey to a year of breastfeeding

What's the latch supposed to look like?

Nice animation of my favorite "chin-first" latch.  You can ignore the commentary.  Just notice how, if the chin hits the breast first, it works really well.

Lovely, lovely video to make your heart melt...

Going Back to Work

Can you make too much milk?  The cranky, choking, sputtering breastfed child

Pumping Rules

Helping your supply: the importance of a complete look at you and the baby before we try anything else

How long should I nurse on each side?

What Medications Can I take while I'm Breastfeeding?

What foods should I avoid?

Can I use gas drops?

Vitamin D supplementation

Poop stuff 

I thought you aren't supposed to get your period when you are breastfeeding.  What's up? 

Stuff about weaning





updated May 26, 2010